With an extensive variety of ventures, shops, and frameworks subordinate upon superior spines, custom pipe ribs are frequently fundamental to completing an occupation right. Altered and custom ribs for forte activities can offer a similar quality, review prerequisites, and execution desires of industry standard segments, however offer a specific size, material, or fit for a one of a kind application.


Employment shops gaining practical experience in custom work frequently stock vast amounts of crude material prepared to be made into the shape, size, and style of spine a client requires. This incorporates alterations on industry standard ribs or one of a kind shapes, for example,

  • Square Pipe Flanges
  • Square OD x Circle ID Flanges
  • Flanges with dual bolt patterns
  • Flanges with spools between custom layers
  • Reduced Flanges (Reduced Weldnecks and Reduced Slip-ons)
  • Utilizing configuration apparatuses, for example, AutoCAD, spine experts can create prints and plans for clear, exact manufacture, regardless of how concentrated a venture might be.


    Exceptional flanges and fittings and custom forgings can be intended to meet any number of one of a kind particulars and benchmarks. Some normal characterizations for custom pipe flanges include:

  • AWWA, the American Water Works Association
  • ASME, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • ANSI, the American National Standards Institute
  • CL 125 Lightweight
  • Tube Turns
  • Large Industry Standard
  • Metric System Flanges

    Regardless of custom sizing or specifications, the fundamental design of most flanges falls under six common styles created to close, connect, cover, or support pipes and pipe systems.

    These flange types include:

    • Slip-on Flanges - available in both standard and reduced sizes and both ring and hub style, manufactured to dimensions that will slide over a pipe with a snug fit
    • Weld Neck Flanges - available in standard and reduced sizes, manufactured to the inside diameter dimensions of a pipe for attachment via welding
    • Blind Flanges - available to seal both pipes and vessels
    • Lap Joint Flanges - available in a range of sizes to pair with stub end fittings for easy dismantling
    • Threaded Flanges - engineered to fit pipes with external threads for weld-free fits
    • Socket-weld Flanges - designed with a socket fit and top weld for ideal inner flow in pipe systems


    Custom pipe flanges can be fabricated from a wide assortment of materials and material evaluations. Carbon steel is a well known arrangement, as are stainless steel and specialty alloys, depending upon the industry. Plate and forged are additionally normal, as are titanium and aluminum for lightweight employments.


    Whether manufactured to ANSI, ASME, AWWA, or custom standards, flanges are critical to manufacturing, utility, and industrial applications around the world. Common uses for flanges include:

    • Oil, gas, and chemical processing
    • Power plants and nuclear power
    • Food and beverage processing
    • Manufacturing
    • Industrial pumps, valves, and vessels
    • Waterworks
    • Heating Systems
    • Plumbing and mechanical systems